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Holidays in Review

/* It's Christmas and I'm not doing much */

This is just a really small update, letting y'all know that I've stopped posting for now, in order to get through the holidays. I'll be back before long and with actual real regular updates, too.

Thank you all for sticking around, and happy holidays

Week in Review: Slowing down

/* As the days grow shorter, I slow down */

  • Work: Work has become a tad better compared to last week. We're not working more closely with external parties. Met old coworkers recently and had a nice chat about the past, present and future of this company...
  • University: The eSports initiative is taking off again. Last semester I was in a small group of people who wanted to make something happen, but we didn't have that perseverance to follow through. Also we had a great Jackbox night last week.
  • Godot: I've kinda dropped everything that I didn't have to do, so I didn't end up doing anything I planned. Oh well.
  • Also: Next week is the last of responsibilities. So let's see what the Christmas break has in store for me.

Sorry for the delay, but ya know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Week in Review: Taking a Day

/* Nothing big, just a few lines */

  • Work: Work has been unfulfilling this week. I hate nothing more than sitting on my hands until the time runs out. It started improving towards the end of the week, however the first three days have left their mark
  • University: Disappointed by the general worldview most people at this University hold. Was confronted with that today and just... urgh...
  • Godot: Done some stuff, hopefully will have more to talk about next week.

That's all folks!

Week in Review: Unexpected Turns

/* Phew, what a week! */

  • Security Incident: So, turns out I found a huge security flaw in my universities system. Basically they were using Prisma, and most of their calls didn't check if the user is authenticate or not. What a mess uncovering that was. Anyhow, it's mostly fixed now, but I'll keep digging and actually write a security report on it. Gonna be fun!
  • Pen & Paper: After a long time I finally managed to play another round with people at CODE. Turns out the GM can regret selling chickens at 5 bronze coins...
  • SNES: As you've probably seen, I've published my first proper article on this blog, and what's more, it's also featured on CODE's Medium. Check it out.
  • Work: So, most of my team has already, or will depart at the end of today. From once 9 people at our highest point, we're now down to a mere 3. Kind of sad, but oh well.
  • Games: Artifact finally launched! I am honestly hyped for it, and really enjoyed testing it yesterday.
  • Netflix Recommendations: Go watch the new She-Ra show. No, I'm not kidding, go watch it.
  • Godot: I've finally managed to continue reading through the wonderful Godot documentation. At this point I am reading through the Design interfaces with the Control nodes page.
  • Upcoming Game Jam: I also decided to sign up to the Extra Credits Holiday Jam, come join me!
  • WebAssembly: For some reason I find myself listening to talk after talk about WASM... let's see what the future holds there?

Wow, I didn't expect to write this much, and I still feel like I forgot something... Anyhow, see you next week!

Week in Review: Full Steam

/* This train doesn't have any breaks. */

  • New Theme: Welcome to my new theme! The color scheme is very much based on both the dark themes of VSCode, as well as Atom. I hope you like it!
  • Godot: Sadly no real progress to this, this week. I'm only listing it here because I am figuratively yearning for it!
  • SNES: My SNExperiments continue! I had some troubles with some bitwise rotational experimentation last time, however I managed to get it to work here; I should write a blog article about why it didn't work, btw. Will do at some point! I also started playing with joypad input, and played some random song. Very productive week in that regard!
  • Work: I took a deep dive into React (once again), and surfaced with a certain feeling of comfort around styled components. Honestly, I love the stack we have at work. It's based on the React Boilerplate. However, I've ended up pretty much stunned by Redux and Saga at the end of the week. I'm chewing through that right now.
  • MotionLab: I visited them last Friday night. It was really cool and amazing!

(FYI I am not a train fan, this is just a reference to a meme that was popular during the last German political race;)

Week in Review: Bitter Freedom

/* There is a certain guilt a bird feels */

  • University (Porsche): I quit. For all intentions and purposes, I am no longer in this group.
  • Mental Health: Which... has affected me greatly. I spent most of this week at home, feeling guilty, feeling overwhelmed. I didn't expect to feel that way. Now, today, on Friday, I feel lighter again. But it's been a hard battle.
  • Learnings: I'm getting started with Godot, so far (having started yesterday) I really love their UI and workflow!
  • SNES: I've cleaned up my SNExperiments repository, giving it a proper layout. So feel free to explore it. Here are the things I managed to do so far: I managed to figure out my way around CGRAM, in no small part thanks to the amazing Discord Community. I made two iterations of a color switch program, the first one being really basic, and second one actually using a loop counter to wait for a few h-blanks to pass. Currently, I am stuck in the third file which will use some bitwise rotation on the CGRAM. My goal for next week will also be to get familiar with sounds in 65816 Assembly, as well as player input. Here goes hoping.

However, it isn't so bad once you freed yourself of said guilt.

Week in Review: Resignation

/* Here's my badge and my gun */

  • Midterms: I am German. They happened in the US. They mentally affected me.
  • Health: I think I am all good now.
  • Learnings: I learned a whole bunch on how to navigate Jira as I've taken up a more process manager-y role in the University Porsche Project (more about this in a second). Additionally, I have finally started to do SNES development! So let's add that point to our little list here!
  • SNES: Turns out doing this is harder as well as easier than I expected. What, both? Yes, both. I've set up this repository for all my so-called SNExperiments. So far I've managed to make the screen one specific colour. I'll need to figure out how I can change that colour at runtime, next!
  • University (Porsche): The project is failing. again. Our designer is in the process of resigning, relieving me of my process manager responsibilities, because I am not really willing to keep working on this without her. (I just don't like cars enough.) This will be a mess next week.
  • Mental Health: I am currently trying to prepare myself to attend one of the Berlin Mini Jams, which I am petrified about. Not only do I feel like I am not good enough professionally, but I also feel like I am not socially capable enough to attend them. My therapist helped me sketch out a list to deal with the professional side of things, making me prepare to jam out. On a darker tone, I am in the process of accepting the things that are blatantly bad at my University, I just can't keep fighting this uphill battle against exclusion and brogrammer culture, as well as corruption by working students veiled in obscurity. I am done trying to stand up for what I feel is good and right in this place.

Wow, that's a dark note at the end. Oopsdidntmeanto.

"Week" in Review: Oops

/* "Weekly" is relative */

  • Health: I recovered some, still not back at 100% healthy, but a good 90% probably.
  • Porsche Project (University): I had decided I wanted to drop a lot of responsibility, but discussing that with the team put me in a position I could negotiate more easily. Long story short, I ended up in a more process managing position than planned; I also met up with Porsche last week. The meeting went over well. I still feel the value clash I have with working with Porsche in the first place consuming me, though,
  • Learnings: On that note, I've learned a whole lot about the planning / defining part of projects. A professor suggested I should look into Design Sprints for the next project. I've also grown more familiar with the Double Diamond design process because of this. On a more programm-y note: I've started looking more closely into 65816 Assembly, to prepare myself for hacking some Super Nintendo code. Shoutout to the Super Famicom Wiki

Sorry for the late entry, you can't always pick and choose how or when you wanna do things, I guess!

Week in Review: Sick

/* Sick and tired */

  • Github Outage: When I woke up on monday, I thought I'd go insane because of issues appearing and disappearing, way to throw me through a loop, Github
  • Porsche Project (University): I've decided to drop a lot the the responsibility in this, in favor of trying to contribute to open source projects (e.g via CodeTriage). Got an agreement with my team about that.
  • FOSS: I've been made admin of the name-suggestion-index repo. The community is really vibrant and friendly. Starting to really like the OSM people!
  • Learnings: How maliciously easy it is to put tracking pixels on your webpage. No link because I do not endorse that behaviour. Rest assured, there is none on here!
  • Mental Health: I've decided to keep a more active drafting process for the weekly roundups, to make it easier to reflect on what I've learned that week.
  • Health: I've fallen sick. FML.

Also I forgot to do this because of getting sick

Week in Review: Stressed

/* Stress. */

  • Porsche Project (University): I've started building a TCP client for the CAN signals we received. Repo is private for now (NDA).
  • Work: Okay so, I'm basically up for a promotion, although there hasn't been anything concrete yet Been fiddling with React. Fixed a few attribute bugs.
  • Coaching (University): Coaching a new group now. Got really good feedback for a new technique I'm trying out. It's based on Dan Woods' Killer Whale and Monkey Technique, as outlined in Radical Candor.
  • Games: Honestly just Armello.
  • Private Projects: Been working hard on getting the theme to be like I want to. Writing a blog post about the process. Will keep you posted
  • Mental Health: I'm really freaking stressed out. Last week Friday night was terribly taxing, and now I got so many things to do...
  • Collaboration: I've been idly pitching into the name-suggestion-index. It's really fun when you got 5 minutes to spare!

Stress is terrible.

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