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I dove headfirst into Super Nintendo Programming, Here is what I learned

/* Without ever having touched Assembly before, I took a deep-dive into the SNES landscape, and learned valuable lessons about Communities and Buffers. */

According to the Git history of my SNES folder, I started fiddling with the black magic that is 65c816 Assembly around 3 weeks ago. You might be wondering why I'd start playing around with SNES software in 2018? I'd say because I intend to turn SNES Software into a project at CODE University, however, that'd only be half of the truth. In reality. I picked the SNES because of nostalgia; I grew up with this console, and learning some basics on how it functioned, thanks to the YouTube Channel appropriately named Retro Game Mechanics Explained, made me curious as to what I could do with the hardware.

A Super Nintendo with the game Donkey Kong Country 2 (License CC0)

Going into it, the first few pieces of documentation I found dated at least a decade back....

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