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Week in Review: Beginnings

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/* Well, I did launch a blog, I guess. */

  • Porsche Project (University): Not much happened this week in regards to this project, we are slowly settling in what direction we want to move. I should probably explain the situation a little bit in a dedicated post...
  • Work: I've kind of been useless at work this week. Need to get back into React, but couldn't really find the time to actually do much.
  • Coaching (University): Had a training this week, mostly about gender bias awareness during coaching sessions. Coaching is another possible topic I could write about, now that I am thinking about it.
  • Games: Was really immersed in A Hat in Time, and had some fun playing Armello.
  • Private Projects: Well... I made a blog. You're on it.
  • Mental Health: Sunny week all-in-all, therapists taught me about the ABC of CBT. Good tool!

So besides work, I would say it's been a successful week!

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