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Week in Review: Stressed

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/* Stress. */

  • Porsche Project (University): I've started building a TCP client for the CAN signals we received. Repo is private for now (NDA).
  • Work: Okay so, I'm basically up for a promotion, although there hasn't been anything concrete yet Been fiddling with React. Fixed a few attribute bugs.
  • Coaching (University): Coaching a new group now. Got really good feedback for a new technique I'm trying out. It's based on Dan Woods' Killer Whale and Monkey Technique, as outlined in Radical Candor.
  • Games: Honestly just Armello.
  • Private Projects: Been working hard on getting the theme to be like I want to. Writing a blog post about the process. Will keep you posted
  • Mental Health: I'm really freaking stressed out. Last week Friday night was terribly taxing, and now I got so many things to do...
  • Collaboration: I've been idly pitching into the name-suggestion-index. It's really fun when you got 5 minutes to spare!

Stress is terrible.

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