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Week in Review: Sick

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/* Sick and tired */

  • Github Outage: When I woke up on monday, I thought I'd go insane because of issues appearing and disappearing, way to throw me through a loop, Github
  • Porsche Project (University): I've decided to drop a lot the the responsibility in this, in favor of trying to contribute to open source projects (e.g via CodeTriage). Got an agreement with my team about that.
  • FOSS: I've been made admin of the name-suggestion-index repo. The community is really vibrant and friendly. Starting to really like the OSM people!
  • Learnings: How maliciously easy it is to put tracking pixels on your webpage. No link because I do not endorse that behaviour. Rest assured, there is none on here!
  • Mental Health: I've decided to keep a more active drafting process for the weekly roundups, to make it easier to reflect on what I've learned that week.
  • Health: I've fallen sick. FML.

Also I forgot to do this because of getting sick

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