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"Week" in Review: Oops

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/* "Weekly" is relative */

  • Health: I recovered some, still not back at 100% healthy, but a good 90% probably.
  • Porsche Project (University): I had decided I wanted to drop a lot of responsibility, but discussing that with the team put me in a position I could negotiate more easily. Long story short, I ended up in a more process managing position than planned; I also met up with Porsche last week. The meeting went over well. I still feel the value clash I have with working with Porsche in the first place consuming me, though,
  • Learnings: On that note, I've learned a whole lot about the planning / defining part of projects. A professor suggested I should look into Design Sprints for the next project. I've also grown more familiar with the Double Diamond design process because of this. On a more programm-y note: I've started looking more closely into 65816 Assembly, to prepare myself for hacking some Super Nintendo code. Shoutout to the Super Famicom Wiki

Sorry for the late entry, you can't always pick and choose how or when you wanna do things, I guess!

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