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Week in Review: Resignation

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  • Midterms: I am German. They happened in the US. They mentally affected me.
  • Health: I think I am all good now.
  • Learnings: I learned a whole bunch on how to navigate Jira as I've taken up a more process manager-y role in the University Porsche Project (more about this in a second). Additionally, I have finally started to do SNES development! So let's add that point to our little list here!
  • SNES: Turns out doing this is harder as well as easier than I expected. What, both? Yes, both. I've set up this repository for all my so-called SNExperiments. So far I've managed to make the screen one specific colour. I'll need to figure out how I can change that colour at runtime, next!
  • University (Porsche): The project is failing. again. Our designer is in the process of resigning, relieving me of my process manager responsibilities, because I am not really willing to keep working on this without her. (I just don't like cars enough.) This will be a mess next week.
  • Mental Health: I am currently trying to prepare myself to attend one of the Berlin Mini Jams, which I am petrified about. Not only do I feel like I am not good enough professionally, but I also feel like I am not socially capable enough to attend them. My therapist helped me sketch out a list to deal with the professional side of things, making me prepare to jam out. On a darker tone, I am in the process of accepting the things that are blatantly bad at my University, I just can't keep fighting this uphill battle against exclusion and brogrammer culture, as well as corruption by working students veiled in obscurity. I am done trying to stand up for what I feel is good and right in this place.

Wow, that's a dark note at the end. Oopsdidntmeanto.

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