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Week in Review: Bitter Freedom

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/* There is a certain guilt a bird feels */

  • University (Porsche): I quit. For all intentions and purposes, I am no longer in this group.
  • Mental Health: Which... has affected me greatly. I spent most of this week at home, feeling guilty, feeling overwhelmed. I didn't expect to feel that way. Now, today, on Friday, I feel lighter again. But it's been a hard battle.
  • Learnings: I'm getting started with Godot, so far (having started yesterday) I really love their UI and workflow!
  • SNES: I've cleaned up my SNExperiments repository, giving it a proper layout. So feel free to explore it. Here are the things I managed to do so far: I managed to figure out my way around CGRAM, in no small part thanks to the amazing Discord Community. I made two iterations of a color switch program, the first one being really basic, and second one actually using a loop counter to wait for a few h-blanks to pass. Currently, I am stuck in the third file which will use some bitwise rotation on the CGRAM. My goal for next week will also be to get familiar with sounds in 65816 Assembly, as well as player input. Here goes hoping.

However, it isn't so bad once you freed yourself of said guilt.

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