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Week in Review: Full Steam

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/* This train doesn't have any breaks. */

  • New Theme: Welcome to my new theme! The color scheme is very much based on both the dark themes of VSCode, as well as Atom. I hope you like it!
  • Godot: Sadly no real progress to this, this week. I'm only listing it here because I am figuratively yearning for it!
  • SNES: My SNExperiments continue! I had some troubles with some bitwise rotational experimentation last time, however I managed to get it to work here; I should write a blog article about why it didn't work, btw. Will do at some point! I also started playing with joypad input, and played some random song. Very productive week in that regard!
  • Work: I took a deep dive into React (once again), and surfaced with a certain feeling of comfort around styled components. Honestly, I love the stack we have at work. It's based on the React Boilerplate. However, I've ended up pretty much stunned by Redux and Saga at the end of the week. I'm chewing through that right now.
  • MotionLab: I visited them last Friday night. It was really cool and amazing!

(FYI I am not a train fan, this is just a reference to a meme that was popular during the last German political race;)

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