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Week in Review: Unexpected Turns

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/* Phew, what a week! */

  • Security Incident: So, turns out I found a huge security flaw in my universities system. Basically they were using Prisma, and most of their calls didn't check if the user is authenticate or not. What a mess uncovering that was. Anyhow, it's mostly fixed now, but I'll keep digging and actually write a security report on it. Gonna be fun!
  • Pen & Paper: After a long time I finally managed to play another round with people at CODE. Turns out the GM can regret selling chickens at 5 bronze coins...
  • SNES: As you've probably seen, I've published my first proper article on this blog, and what's more, it's also featured on CODE's Medium. Check it out.
  • Work: So, most of my team has already, or will depart at the end of today. From once 9 people at our highest point, we're now down to a mere 3. Kind of sad, but oh well.
  • Games: Artifact finally launched! I am honestly hyped for it, and really enjoyed testing it yesterday.
  • Netflix Recommendations: Go watch the new She-Ra show. No, I'm not kidding, go watch it.
  • Godot: I've finally managed to continue reading through the wonderful Godot documentation. At this point I am reading through the Design interfaces with the Control nodes page.
  • Upcoming Game Jam: I also decided to sign up to the Extra Credits Holiday Jam, come join me!
  • WebAssembly: For some reason I find myself listening to talk after talk about WASM... let's see what the future holds there?

Wow, I didn't expect to write this much, and I still feel like I forgot something... Anyhow, see you next week!

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