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Week in Review: Slowing down

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/* As the days grow shorter, I slow down */

  • Work: Work has become a tad better compared to last week. We're not working more closely with external parties. Met old coworkers recently and had a nice chat about the past, present and future of this company...
  • University: The eSports initiative is taking off again. Last semester I was in a small group of people who wanted to make something happen, but we didn't have that perseverance to follow through. Also we had a great Jackbox night last week.
  • Godot: I've kinda dropped everything that I didn't have to do, so I didn't end up doing anything I planned. Oh well.
  • Also: Next week is the last of responsibilities. So let's see what the Christmas break has in store for me.

Sorry for the delay, but ya know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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