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Year 2018 in Review

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/* What a year that was... */

So this will be a little different. This is supposed to wrap up 2018 in a meaningful way, by listing all the big things that happened to me and leaving all the bad things behind. It'll still have the same format as the weekly ones, it'll just be way longer.

  • Work: I can't believe I started working at my current company only last year. It was quite the ride. I recently met with my previous supervisors, who got fired not too long ago, and they had quite the stories to tell. The Berlin Start-up scene is more like Game of Thrones than I'd have thought.
  • University: As I've been saying before, I study at CODE. 2018 contained two semesters, with two different projects, both of which failed horribly. The first one was supposed to be a social network which had the focus on social, but that never left concept stage as we just lost too much time to sickness and people from our project dropped out. The second project was with Porsche, and was equally horrible for me, partially because of a value conflict with Porsche, and partially because no one in our project chose this. It was a shitshow. But that's in the past now. My New Years resolution for CODE: I will stop doing stuff I don't want to do. My next project WILL be a game.
  • Mental Health: 2018 was a big year for this, too. I finally taken action and got myself therapy, essentially thanks to one person, Jasper. Thank you, Jasper. 2019 will probably be the year in which I conclude therapy, here goes hoping!
  • Game Making: I've lost focus of this everlasting dream of me because of... reasons? Anyhow, since November, I think, I've returned to at least actively entertaining the thought and learning small things. Been playing a lot with Godot and I hope I can push myself to keep working with it until something fun pops out of it!
  • Games: Let's look at the other part of this. I played a lot of good games in 2018, although I am hard-pressed to come up with my favourite. TBH it probably gotta be Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but there are other contestants that were just as good. I will pay more attention to what I play in 2019, so that I may make a proper list!
  • Furry: 2018 was the first year I visited Eurofurence. And it was great. I will do that again. As a matter of fact, I am going to be flying to San Francisco later this month, to both visit Jasper, as well as to attend FC. Oh, also my Hyena Agenda T-shirts just got delivered. I'm really starting to embrace that side of me.
  • Politics: What a mixed bag. You had the US Midterms which left me on edge, but hopeful. Then, very recently, you had the Yellow Vests pop out of nowhere. Well, not really nowhere, but you get what I mean. I've also learned more and more theory and/or political interpretations. Shout-outs to Peter Coffin, HBomberguy, Jack Saint, ThoughtSlime and Curio. Let's make 2019 count!

That's all I can think of right now. I might add things later, but I probably won't. Happy New Year!

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