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Week in Review: Traveling

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/* I'm exhausted, sweaty and tired, waiting at the airport */

  • Travel: Like I wrote in my Year in Review 2018, I'm traveling to San Fransisco today to meet with Jasper & see the sights. I've ran into countless problems already, including cancelled flights, security descrapency and the like. I really hope it'll go smoother from here on out!
  • Work: To travel, I've left work behind after a really productive week. Can't say I learned a lot of new things this week, but I applied a lot of things I had previously learned. So that's good!
  • Games: I've played the Rusty Lake triology (?) from Steam recently. Neat little and sometimes disturbing games. Checkout out Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise!
  • Reading: I must say, I think I've read the worst book I've ever read last week. Rework is a really bad book that makes a lot of claims without any explanation or proof, where you can get the same value from just reading the headlines and bulletpoints than you get from reading the text. I had such high hopes!
  • GDQ: Games Done Quick 2019 is on, I've been watching it whenever I could.

Oh boy, next week I'll be writting this from San Francisco!

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