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Week in Review: Further Confusion

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/* Further Confusion leads to insight */

  • Furry: So, Further Confusion happened. It was great. I met a bunch of cool folk, but I was still mostly reclusive and silent. That's okay, though.
  • Mental Health: The reason I felt reclusive was mostly because of a huge ditch to self-worth. The people I met were more professional and adulter than I am. I am a web dev, aspiring game dev maybe. I do not feel comfortable talking about that because of Imposter Syndrome. I know that now. It's good knowledge. Thank you.
  • USA: So, my time here is almost over, and I was mostly lazy. SO WORTH IT THOUGH. I really needed this break. I am low-key looking forward to actually doing something again though.
  • Google: I'm sorry, I have really fallen out of love with Google. I really loved them at some point, now a mixture of me getting woke + their shitty practices of recent months makes me hate them.

I'll be home on Tuesday. Kinda sad, kinda good. Doesn't really matter if it's sad or good :)

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