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"Week" in Review? Catching up

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/* We find outselves two months later, huh? */

  • State of this Blog: Okay there is no way around this. This is my first entry for two months!!! This is mostly because I was going through a lot by quitting my job and looking for a new one. It was a very taxing time, and I am glad it's over.
  • Mental Health: But speaking of which, let me lose a few words about how I've felt the last two months. The month of March was terrible for me. Feburary less so, that was only stressful. However, my therapist and I decided to cut the therapy to be biweekly instead of each week. And I am figuring a lot of things out about myself.
  • CODE: My studies have gone to hell and back, honestly. The group that came together and that I worked with slowly but certainly lost motivation and fell apart. This is the third CODE project in a row that was met with a fate that led to not having any proper result at the end of the project phase. It's disheartening, however, I will cope.
  • Learnings: Particularly, while the group was still active, I learned a lot about the Vulkan API, mostly thanks to this wonderful tutorial. And now I've decided to use the time I would've spent on working on the project effectively, by working through a few books. Right now that's Refactoring: Improving The Design of Existing Code and Clean Architecture. They're both extremely well, and even though I'm not through them yet, I already recommend both!
  • New Job: Okay, time to talk about my new job. First of all, I am no longer employed as a Working Student, but rather as a proper Software Engineer. This is great. I'm actually employed by my university (CODE) and work on the intranet now. That's currently Elixir, so not much changes there. It's been great so far!
  • Wandersong: Late last month I also played the wonderful game Wandersong. And it's just fantastic and I love it. It's been growing on me even more since I got through it.
  • Health: Now for some bad news. I've been working towards solving a few of my health issues, one of them being bad sleep quality. Turns out I 99% suffer from Sleep Apnea. I'm saying 99% because I've always suspected it, I was also told so by Jasper during my time in the US, and have done more research into it recently, and it just adds up. I got an appointment in the middle of May to look into it further, but until then I'll have to deal with it. That's alright, I've dealt with this for most of my life.
  • Politics: I've considered starting a political Youtube channel. But that's a lot of work. But I also think I'd enjoy it somewhat. I'll continue to think about that.
  • Game Making: I started formulating a few proper ideas for a side project on my own. The hardest part is trying to keep the scope small. I'll tell you more once I got more concrete things to tell you.

I'll try to make this a weekly thing again, but that'll take some discipline, let's see if I got that in me ;)

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