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Weeks in Review: Gaining Speed

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/* At least we're getting things done sometimes */

  • CODE: I'm now in full preparation mode of the exam period, which will be 3 exams for me, personally. One about Graphics Interfaces, one about Clean Code (which I have a hold of theoretically, but I gotta show something, so I am reworking an old bot of mine with sensible design this time). And one simple being "Algorithms and Data Structure", in which I just need to be able to implement well known sort and search algorithms. It's not necessarily hard, but it still takes time to prepare.
  • Job: My job is developing fine so far, the stack I am working on is horrible though, and we plan to change that. It's a bit exhausting working with a horrible code base...
  • Health: I actually adjusted my diet since the last log, I am living off healthier food now, let's see if there is some sort of long-term effect :3
  • Super Animal Royale: The game I have discovered only yesterday, found here, is fun and easy to pick up. It's a neat little game and I love it.
  • Politics: So I am informing myself a little bit about german parties at the time, and also starting to become more engaged at CODE. I got the support of my mentor for awareness campaigns I'm planning.
  • Game Making: Didn't really have the time to do anything here, but I'll forcefully keep this on my logs to remind me to do more!

Well, I failed at making this a weekly thing, it seems. Well, let's just keep going.

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