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Weeks in Review: Skip a Beat

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/* My heart is fluttering way too often */

  • Mental Health: Increased the dose of drugs last weekend, now I am still dealing with some bad effects. I've started feeling better all in all though, but the heart palpiltations and the short breath is really getting me and making me more anxious.
  • Work: Work was slow this week, thank god, but I've started actually getting back to it, and that's great.
  • Life: I'm trying my hardest to make me do more things, but it's an uphill battle and OMG I'm scared
  • IWW: I joined the IWW, still waiting for more info from them. But I am a comrade now.
  • Gender?: I've started questioning my gender and start to identify more non-binary. I'll see where that goes~

I'm aching for the weekend

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