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Weeks in Review: Getting things in Order

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/* I'm starting to do more, now that my meds have started working */

  • Mental Health: Not a lot to report on here, the meds work now and I feel a lot better! Still anxious sometime, but I am able to sleep tightly, and I am able to not die daily. That's good.
  • Work: Work has kind of blown up. We're moving forward with immense speed and a little under-organized for the time being. Trying my best to keep up!
  • Organizing: I'm trying a new app to organize my days, gotta report on it another time!
  • Compassion: There was something that occured to me recently about how the left tends to treat itself from time to time. It's what happens when someone who rejected liberalism comes back around to liberal methods while being on the left. I've seen a few friends fall to that and only use Twitter for that sweet sweet dopamine hit that being "right" gives them. It's exhausting to see, really, and I hope I can find a way to prevent that in future communities.
  • Games: Played Unheard. It's actually a lot of fun.

This weekly is still a bit stale, I hope with my new organization method I might be able to do more things!

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